Technology: Contrast vs. Brightness

December 8, 2017

The development of LED screens is breathtakingly fast. Almost every week, there are new products and incremental improvements among the countless manufacturers. It is a big effort to be always well informed and up to date. But it is also important to always correctly classify all these developments in their importance and weighting. Much is a nice gimmick or opens up new possibilities of integration, that too is important, because it allows some new applications. But we see some steps as so essential that they will permanently change the LED screens and their presentation quality. We want to give you an insight here: the topic today: Black Face LEDs !!!

Is the hunt for ever higher brightness useful and correct? The data sheet outperforms the cd / m² and nits, that brings what? Do we really want to charge ever smaller LED chips more and more, and pay for them with a shorter life span? Yes, customers compare brightness on paper (along with some other parameters whose real meaning will remain hidden to some). What is it really about on a screen? It's very simple: a stunning picture with crystal clear colors and best visibility even in sunshine. What do we need for that? A great strong contrast with good luminescence of the LED. The result of Black Face LED can do all this and simply delivers the better picture. See for yourself:

What is the core of the matter? The white surfaces of the LEDs reflect the extremely high brightness of the sun. This in turn requires a very high control of the LED to even outshine it all. In turn, less reflective surface means less LED brightness required to see what you really want: the image or video. Also on the side of the approval process you have with the now lower maximum brightness in a better picture, the clearly better cards.

By the way, not only on the outside do Black Face LED a really good figure, but also in the interior, the high contrast ensures really rich and great pictures.

We appreciate your opinions and comments on this topic.