• A short video helps us to set the correct operation parameters. Another great job is completed!

    The screen is well packed in protective foam and strong plywood boxes

    The assembly work on the stiff, solidly welded and hot zink dipped steel frame, which will last for many many years to come.

    We aree working together well, have a great time and deliver results in time, thank you. :-)

    The first side is assembled, everything fits together nicely.

    The second side is also completed. We check carefully by hand the surface flatness for the great picture quality

    Easy transport to the errection site. Preparing for lifting, the weather is dry and we have no wind!

    A big crane lifts the fully pre-tested screen onto the 4m pole, which is fixed on the concrete foundation. Power- and data-cables are pulled through the inlet.

    Please not the beautiful deep black of the LED screen, eventhough the sun is facing it directly. This is the best contrast and picture quality in the market.

    The LED screen conncetion work is done, just the paving of the parking is still open.

    We enjoy the great picture quality with bright colors. It brings a smile on everyones face.

  • A short video helps us to set the correct operation parameters. Another great job is completed!

    Excavating for the concrete foundation including power and data lines across the parking lot

    Casting the foundation with preparing the empty piping for the power cables and the socket for the switch cabinet

    The anchor basket is casted inside the concrete, finally it was freshly asphalted

    The electrical power cables are prepared before setting the high pole on top of the socket

    The screen has arrived in time, the wooden boxes are in good condition. We are ready to start

    The screen consists of 5 double sided segments, joint together we will get 2 huge and very slim LED screens

    The first 2 segments are fixed in position. On the steel frame you can see the ventilation holes for cooling purpose

    after the mechanical installation there must be the electrical wireing

    4 of 5 segments are in position. Everything is running smoothly so far

    Yes, all terminals must be conncted correctly and also the data wires are double checked

    The first power up. The screen has power and all modules are receiving data. Next step is setting the right parameters to get a nice picture

    After testing the screen is prpared for craning. Wood blocks keep the rope on distance to the sensitive LEDs

    The crane picks up the screen to lift it onto the concrete foundation

    The screen sits in position now, the screews are tightened. With a lot of experience all went smoothly as usual

    Preparing the roof as a final step. This keeps the inside dry and still the proper ventilation is assured

    What a beautiful picture. Strong colors and the high contrast of black face technology

    The warm light of the sunset makes the viewing experience a real pleasure, just look yourself

  • A short video is documenting the proper function of the new double sided ad-board. The next job is now completed successfully

    Hot-dip galvanized steel frame in prismatic shape for an optimized viewing angle from the road

    Quick and easy installation progress because all interfaces were designed with 3D CAD and precisely cut by CAM-Laser

    The assembly is preferably in the workshop. The finished LED-screen is then craned onto the concrete foundation

    Ambient light sensor with anti-reflection coating adjusts the screen brightness depending on the current lighting conditions

    To ensure perfect alignment of the completed screen for the customer, the project manager requested the reformatting of the bottom line

    after the screen was craned by a local professional, the electrical connection was established quickly and the first startup showed the windows welcome screen

    After proper parameterization, the screen was quickly in advertising mode and began to earn money for the new owner

    A bright and crisp picture with great colors are a very attractive information and communication board in public

  • Video of startup and parameterization, everybody likes the great pictures of the screen and we are happy to complete this nice project.

    Retrofit of pylon with a digital LED screen on top is a great idea. It is not always necessary to replace a new one

    The screen fits well and will now be connected electrically

    A view from the rear shows how slim can be a good solution

    Bright colors and great visibility makes the dynamic video imaging of the LED screen really a great thing to reach new customers

  • A simple but solid steel frame was prepared by the club

    Installation was fast with the help of a truck crane

    A service platform was not yet installed by the local steel construction company

    To support the final electrical connection, we quickly adapted a wooden platform

    Work completed. Now the screen can be used es dynamic scoreboard and broadcast the sponsors advertisment in the breaks

  • This screen can now support the red cross in public communication in the local community

    The steel frame was well prepared by the customer, and we quickly made the holes to lock the screen by galvanized M10 screws

    quickly the installation was finished. The small but fine screen has black face technology and easy maintainance with rear service

  • Video from the FIFA ceremony. Please note, that because of the high refresh rate of 3 840Hz there is no interference in the picture

    To better secure and level the screen, we built a solid platform. The heavy standing frame makes the screen look like a huge and slim TV that is truely frameless

    Many hundred visitors are expected. Tables for sitting eating and meeting good friends are also prepared. BBQ and beer just fit so well for this public viewing

    Startup is in progress. Next step is parameterization to assign the correct data to every cabinet

    Our laptop is mirrored on the LED screen, things are working now. Next step is to connect the video processor to administrate and scale the input sources

    Oh yes, the broadcasting is working, the picture is bright and crisp, even we have strong sunshine. We have the first happy fan already. :-)

    The stage, the flight cases and the trailer to carry everything

    So many people came to enjoy this beautiful summer day. Public viewings bring the people together. It is a big happening organized by head of town

    A look from the rear, everybody was banned by the exciting match. It was a afternoon for families and friends

    The kids just sit in front to get the best view. Everybody had a really great time

    The black face technology has a very strong contrast and high brightness, that delivers a great picture even in sunshine

    some nice impression from the final taken by a talented photographer, thank you again :-)

    let’s come together to have a great time :-)

    Beautiful pictures on the LED screen and taken on camera to document this public viewing

  • Yes, also this advert-screen is working even in the toughest environmental condition trouble free

    Excavating for the foundation

    Steel arming of the concrete foundation including the anchor cage and the empty tubing for the electrical power supply

    Concrete filling of the foundation

    Installation of the screen on the steel frame on site

    A quality steel frame in slim version will carry the screen for many many years to come

    Cabinet by cabinet the screen is assembled. The screen is front service, so we can build it very slim

    Let us keep the overview. The roof is set higher to allow the hot air to exit under the roof. The water is collected in the middle and draind on the rear

    Assembly work is completed. Final inspection and we are ready for startup

    The owner and the project leader are happy to have the screen ready now. Great colors and a high quality will allow earningsfor many yeras to come

  • Concrete foundation including the anchor cage and the empty tubing for the electrical connection

    Delivery of the LED screen inside strong ply-wood boxes to ensure safe air transport

    Module by module, line by line the LED screen is built up on the steel frame contstruction

    Clean interface engineering and qualified staff ensures fast and trouble free assembly

    Installation of the control system insied the steel frame

    Loading of the ready tested screen onto the truck

    the massive 3m high pole will carry the screen even in the strongest storm

    Delivery on site of the LED screen assembly

    Craning with care, the electrical wire was pulled up the pole, now the cable must be threaded into the steel structure from the bottom

    Now the screen assembly will be bolted onto the pole by heavy screws

    As the screen was parameterized and pretested already in the workshop, the electrical connection and the startup was performed quickly. Now it is running well