Digital Arts - LED Screen makes action painting publicly visible.

June 1st, 2017

Public viewing stage event with action painting and great music. Not only the artwork to be created is art, but the entire process - art comes from just.

High-end equipment blurs the line between modern painting and technical innovation. The creative technology process as well as the interaction with the audience is already part of the actual artwork. At the end is the creation of a picture of modern art inspired in real time by the lively energy of the event.

The LED screen makes the process of creatively creating the artwork publicly visible to viewers. A cam over the turntable throws the live image of the image creation almost in real time on the LED screen. This stream is still processed digitally and alienated by visual effects, and so back recorded in the data glasses and the video screen for all visible. In this way, the audience had the same visuals as the artist.

The aim of the performance was to integrate various digital tools in the creation of analogue art.