Modern urban communication - LED VideoWall P4.81

1 June 2018

A particularly slim and large-format double-sided LED VideoWall was built in Wiener Neustadt. This project comes from the initiative of the local economy and was made possible by a particularly modern and future-oriented city administration. The echo from all sides was very positive, because a VideoWall is recordable in real time, and because it is highly democratic, generally accepted very positively. The range is very high, with low running costs. It is an active and integrative communication space, it informs the region about the performance of the companies, informs about great actions and sometimes finds the right people.

The system captivates above all by high brightness, black face - High Contrast and High Refresh Rate. Also, the resolution of 1040x520 = 540,800 3in1 SMD LED pixels is exceptionally high. Visionary merchants have decided and success speaks for itself, because around 30,000 contacts a day mean a promotional impact with unbeatable conditions.

WN TV original video